About Us

This website is an owned family business of many generations. Since its operation in the 1990s, Advance proves its strength in providing reliable products to customers. We have served thousands of residents all over the world. Understanding the psychology of clients in owning a dream house, we gladly set up it to become an excellent advisor in your life.

Our website brings an abundant resource for home design and architecture. As its name, Advance is an ideal destination majoring in both interior and exterior home improvement products. We are proud of having an enthusiastic team of professionals to serve users 24/24. Most of our articles focus on reviews, tips, and tricks. They are completely honest advice as well as recommendations from one expert to another. With useful and informative product reviews and guides, we hope to deliver the most updated home goods and services to customers. Client satisfaction is always in our priority.


People have to face up to many problems when remodeling homes. Our services vary significantly into different categories, including:

  • Home additions

  • Home building

  • Eaves Trough

  • Doors and Windows

  • Kitchen/ Bath/ Basement Remodeling

  • Carpentry

  • Real estate

  • Commercial Steel Products

  • Decks & Railings

  • Siding

  • Custom Cladding

  • Roofing

Key Benefits

With more than ten years in these fields above, we promise to gain the trust of most of the customers by punctuality, reliability and trustworthiness. Thousands of customers feel happy with our services and recommendations.

  • We have many years in home improvement industry and attempt to explore innovative home improvement methods.

  • Our team includes experienced staff to provide you helpful information and guidance.

  • We attempt to offer products with their accurate specifications, licenses, and insurance.

  • Our staffs always try to promote long-term relationship with customers. We wish that our customers could feel meaningful when visiting our website.

For people who have passion in home architecture and want to turn their house into new positive things, this is an active channel to make your dreams come true. Let’s take an in-depth close look at what our website brings to you. Simply, if you are looking for affordable and high-quality equipment for your home, let’s visit our page. We ensure to enhance the beauty of your home in an efficient way.

We value your opinions about home improvement. Please feel free to leave a comment and contribute on our page and we will make an effort to contact to you as soon as we can!